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Every business can run better. That is our belief. There are lapses in efficiency all over the place and our goal is to help showcase how companies can run more efficiently leading to higher profit margins and a smoother, happier customer experience.

We are setting a new standard

We will not settle for mediocre. We want you to perform better and we will help you get there. We are your business personal trainer.

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John Lemming

Co-founder & CEO

John was working at a Fortune 500 company and saw how poorly things were being run by the “big boys.” He knew there was a better way and headed out on his own to prove that out.

Nina Jones

Co-founder & CTO

Nina and John met in business school and had a similar passion for efficiency and well-run machines. Nine brings the technical expertise to the team.

Nancy Bond

Efficiency Manager

Nancy is the secret weapon. With unsurpassed knowledge of business operations and big data, Nancy can solve any problem that you place in front of her.