What does it take to create a dream backyard with a kitchen? When it comes to entertaining at home, having an outdoor kitchen has now become more popular than ever before. Wheeling out a rusty barbecue every year simply will not cut it anymore. Many homeowners who wish to maximize the use of their backyard space are looking to build kitchens and incorporate appliances so that they can enjoy their space for as long as possible while the weather permits. Here are some ideas for creating a backyard kitchen that is not only functional but also stylish.

Firstly, decide on how you want to design the kitchen. If the backyard area is large and offers enough space, it may be ideal to locate the outdoor cooking space further from the backyard door. However, a kitchen situated right next to the home can be just as good, as it offers an outdoor dining space without separating guests from the interior living space.

Another consideration is the backyard orientation. Determine how much sunshine you get from midday to evening and consider the wind direction, as the wrong orientation can make outdoor cooking a bit difficult. The dining space should be designed in a way that allows friends and family to move around freely while cooking. For this reason, an island might make a great addition.

Where will the food and kitchen items be stored? Where will the cooking and cleaning happen? The golden rule in a home kitchen is to create a ‘work-triangle’ between the stove, sink, and fridge; this must be adapted to the features of the backyard kitchen. 

While many cooking appliances can be operated with propane, the investment cost of connecting gas mains may be worth it long term, especially if there is an outdoor gas fire pit. Cooking appliances in the backyard kitchen tend to be chosen for cooking styles that are not common to the in-house kitchen: barbecues, pizza ovens, tandoori ovens, and more. Many outdoor kitchens have traditional cooktops.

A fridge can make outdoor cooking, partying, and dining significantly easier. It will store food and drinks, and keep them cool during warmer weather. However, this is only feasible with an electricity connection.

A sink will also be very useful, to avoid having to load dirty plates back to the dishwasher inside the house. A storage and disposal mechanism makes cleaning and tidying up so much easier.

Lastly, it is important to consider the capacity for materials to withstand varying weather conditions. Torrey Pines Landscaping’s expert outdoor kitchen builders will help San Diego homeowners choose the correct materials for outdoor weathering, such as concrete, brick, stone, quartz, and ceramic. Timber pergolas and oak frames can protect furniture during those sudden summer downpours, also allowing for more control over light and external temperature. Some pergolas today are remote-controlled and come in varieties of colors. They can also have heating, lighting, and sound systems installed.

If you are looking for the best landscaper in town to transform your backyard into a bistro, give Torrey Pines Landscaping a call today!

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