From plumbers to electricians, it seems like scheduling a skilled tradesman is becoming more and more difficult across the board. If you need to get even basic maintenance work done on your house, it’s not uncommon to experience multi-week wait times and near-constant no-shows.

This is a pervasive problem all across the United States, as the need for skilled tradesmen expands at a steady rate while the number of workers entering the trades simultaneously plummets. This is despite the fact that the trades pay well, offer solid job security, and provide solid avenues for entrepreneurship for more enterprising tradesmen down the road.

The personnel problems in the trades are a well-known phenomenon, with personalities like Mike Crow doing what they can to shore up numbers. Despite this, the labor shortage has just gotten worse, seeming to reach a fever pitch within the last couple of years.

The result has been a dearth of companies that can provide essential services all over the country, with areas like southern California hit even harder. Finding companies that can reliably provide basic but important services like breaker box replacements and drain cleaning and clog removal in San Diego is much more difficult than it was even one or two years ago.

Luckily, there are still some companies that can not only provide reliability but a level of craftsmanship and personability that most companies working on the domestic side of things can only dream of. One such company is California Plumbing, a local plumbing firm that’s been family-owned and operated for nearly two decades.

We found California Plumbing from their incredible Yelp reviews, which they’ve more than lived up to in our experience:

California Plumbing was professional, helpful, and very quick to respond. We asked for a camera waste line inspection prior to moving into our new home, and Rachel gave me detailed information I didn’t receive from any other company. They sent Nestor out the next day and he was fantastic. Very professional and really walked me through the process and what to look for. The entire process was very easy and smooth. I’ll be calling California Plumbing for all of my future plumbing needs. -Mike R. San Diego, CA

My landlord has used California Plumbing for many years. I could not be more pleased with their work… whether it is a small adjustment or a major repair/replacement. Aaron and his staff are knowledgeable, prompt and courteous. They point out issues we may not even have been aware of. Special kudos to employee Nestor! -Pam B. Imperial Beach, CA

I will not go through any other company other than California Plumbing. I had a clogged shower that needed to be snaked and a backed-up dishwasher line. Aaron who is the owner came in and he was in and out in less than 2 hours all while remaining clean and respectful! Very reasonable with pricing! Not only was it a great service you can tell the company is under great leadership to ensure that there are no loose ends. After receiving an experience from them, I won’t waste my time with a plumbing issue! Reliability, very responsive, and Respectful! -Phillip M. Chula Vista, CA

While the skilled labor shortage goes on, it will just get more difficult to find companies that can provide excellent service and workmanship. California Plumbing provides both. If you’re experiencing plumbing issues in your home, give them a call today.

California Plumbing


455 Willowcrest Way, Chula Vista, CA 91910