Elena awoke to her 6 am alarm, accompanied by a pitter-patter of rain on the window. It had been a rainy spring in sunny Orange County, California. She threw on her work clothes and ran a brush across her teeth and hair. Different brushes of course.

She had a big interview with a local celebrity to prep for, and as she poured her morning coffee she rehearsed what she was going to say. “Hi Scotty, I’m Elena, thanks so much for meeting with me today.” “Hello, Scotty, it’s me, Elena, the reporter from Orange County Daily. It’s great to make your acquaintance.” Hmm, she thought. Really, she was just hoping to not make a fool of herself like the last interview. She just gets so nervous sometimes. Luckily, her boss, Steve, recognized she was a talented writer.

She locked the door after exiting her one-bedroom apartment and headed for her car. The GPS said she was 5 minutes away. As she pulled up to Scotty’s Turf her palms started to sweat. Who was she to interview the man who singlehandedly was saving Orange County’s water supply, she thought. She shook her head and then pushing through the negative thoughts. Straightening her shoulders, she opened the car door and headed inside.

As she approached the front desk she noticed a beautiful redhead sitting there talking on the phone. The redhead smiled up at her while continuing her conversation. Elena stood awkwardly, trying hard not to fidget. 

“Mhmm, yes, of course,” the redhead went on. “No, no. Yes of course. No, really, it’s our pleasure. Okay, thanks so much. Have a great day. ” She hung up the phone redirecting her attention to Elena who was twisting a piece of hair around her finger. “You must be his 7:30?”

Elena could feel her cheeks redden. Why did she feel embarrassed she thought? “Um, yes that’s me, 7:30!” 

The redhead smiled, “Don’t worry he won’t bite. Go ahead, I’ll tell him you’re coming. It’s the second floor, first door, the elevators right there,” she motioned with her finger to the door. Elena thanked her and then scurried to the elevator. She hopped in and pressed two. She used the short ride to again go over what she was going to say. “It’s so nice to meet you, I’m Elena!” No, she thought, “Hi I’m Elena and I just honestly think what you are doing is amazing and I have really been looking forward to this interview.” She looked up and realized in horror that the elevator doors had opened and staring back at her was a room full of Scotty’s Turf employees. 

“You must be my 7:30,” a man in a sleek, grey suit with matching grey eyes said as he sauntered over, extending his hand. 

Elena stuttered out, “Yep, I’m 7:30. Wait no, I mean I’m Elena.” 

The man laughed, “Shall we talk in my office?” He motioned to the doorway. 

“Yes, that would be great,” Elena replied. “Well, I don’t want to waste any of your time, so I’ll dive right in. What inspired you to start Scotty’s?” She pulled out her notebook prepared to jot some notes down. 

“That’s easy, the preservation of our water,” Scotty smiled.

“Good answer,” Elena smiled back, “Next question, what is it like to run such an impactful company?”

“It’s amazing. I have the power to implement real change in our community,” Scotty replied, “Living in Southern California for the past decade, I’ve seen the damage the drought has done. Lakes are drying up streams are slowing down. And I was looking for a way that could help preserve the environment. We needed something new, something innovative. That’s when I realized, Orange County needs fake grass.”

Scotty continued, “I initially just started doing jobs on my own and quickly gained a reputation for doing the best fake grass installations around. Business kept coming in and I was able to hire employees and expand. But the best part is, is that I am able to help save the homeowners money on their monthly water bills and help preserve our water supplies. We just came out of the drought and I hope to do my part to keep it that way.”

“Wow, what an amazing story and a great encouragement, this is perfect! Thanks so much for your time, Scotty!” Elena said as she packed up her notebook and headed to her car.

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