With the opening of a new marketplace, a period of wild abandon is common, where participants gamble, scheme, and steal to take advantage of an unregulated space where opportunity abounds. A recent example of this, the cryptocurrency market, has seen periods of insane highs and destructive crashes in a relatively short period.

A more temporal example of a recent market opening up has been the “legal” cannabis marketplace over the past decade. One state after another has decriminalized the sale and consumption of cannabis, and although the crop still remains illegal on the federal level, something of a gold rush has emerged from its legalization.

As investors, entrepreneurs, and crooks alike have fallen over themselves rushing to take advantage of its new legal status, something akin to a ‘wild west’ has developed in the sector. Its dubiously legal status has presented unique challenges that make the growers and distributors of the crop as tempting a target to criminals as it is to capitalists.

As it stands now, the cannabis industry is rife with legal troubles and physical danger. Massive numbers of illegal grow operations and rampant political corruption caused by an influx in money has led to worker exploitation on a mass scale, and many in the industry are forced to work under brutal and dangerous conditions.

Much of this is thanks to the rise in criminal activity targeting both legal and illegal growers and sellers. Marijuana’s dubious legal status and lack of legal protections means businesses are forced to deal in cash with a product that has a very healthy price on the black market. This lethal combination means cannabis shops are frequently subjected to violent break-ins and robberies by both opportunistic and organized criminal elements.

For legal business enterprises, then, there is a substantial amount of risk in addition to the opportunities for windfall profits. Mitigating these risks involves a complicated interplay between physical security and properly insured property, a balancing act where pouring resources into one may compromise the other.

The best method for properly protecting a cannabis business in the current environment is working with industry experts to develop a security plan. CCSS, one of the top players in the cannabis security sector, specializes in creating actionable security plans that fit within the parameters of local, state and federal laws as well as insurance policies.

Companies like CCSS can help provide the upmost in physical security without the potential for violating some obscure clause in a recently passed regulation or the fine print of your insurance policy. They provide connections to clients for some of the best vendors of security technology in their areas as well as top-tier security guard training regimens for appropriate response to threats.

The wild west is often romanticized, but one has to remember that famous rogues like Billy the Kid weren’t known for being kind to the people they robbed. Make sure your business, your employees, and your finances are secure by working with CCSS to develop an airtight security plan, pronto.

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