As we go deeper into the current pandemic, there’s really only one thing anyone is sure about: nobody knows what is really going on and where we’re going to be once this situation ends. In short, the only surety is the continued lack of surety.

With economic projections looking anywhere from bad to dire, and with no end to our current situation in sight, it’s now more than ever we need to hedge against whatever comes next. The best form of hedging against an uncertain future, as always, is insurance.

Insurance before the current crisis was more a protection against some sort of abstraction, a way for you to make sure that you’re covered if some nebulous ‘unknown’ was to come at some future date. Well, the future is here, and the shape of that amorphous future event is beginning to crystalize before our very eyes. Insurance is no longer a product for something that might happen; it’s protection against something that IS happening.

Whether you require personal insurance like life or health, or protection for your business or property including your house or car, for all of our LA-based readers we ask you not to hesitate in giving a call to Byron Galindo insurance, Santa Monica’s resident State Farm agent. Byron and his team have been helping his community be prepared for the unforeseen major events (like the one we’re living in now) for the past three years, and it’s not too late to start providing you and your family with a financial safety net before the great tide of history begins washing us away by joining his list of clientele.

Byron’s team provides friendly and attentive service and works to make sure that every important fixture in your life remains in place in the event of emergency, giving you peace of mind as you navigate the turbulent waters fate has placed us all in. Insurance can mean the difference between you staying safely close to shore and you being ripped out into deeper waters, with nothing but the foaming white peaks of rapids in the viewable distance.

We are in an incredible place and time, watching from a distance how our systems crumble and fail at every level of society, the shoddy levies of state and corporate power bending and breaking beneath the inevitable tide of natural forces we so naively thought we could hold back. The complexity of our comfortable lives aided in the weakening of the dam, and now we are directly in the path of the rushing deluge, the stricken wreckage of those systems aiding in its destructive power.

We are living in a time dominated by the Black Swan, a cascading systemic failure that could have been predicted but willingly wasn’t, and the only way to remain afloat is to grab what flotsam is still available to us. Insurance, now more than ever, is a necessity to maintain our way of life, and we beseech you to get in contact with your local agent as soon as possible. The flood is coming.

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