Craftsmanship isn’t quite dead! Though many industries have been beset by a sort of centralized uniformity in design and production, there still exists some sectors where the craft is still treated like an artform, where concerns about efficiency and consistent replication of results aren’t the sole focus of the product or services of a business.

One such industry is high-level landscaping. Much like the palatial gardens of the old aristocracies, the landscaping tradition is still being upheld and improved on by the companies serving California’s homegrown upper crust.

The designs created by the specialized companies here can be just as breathtaking and luxurious as any you’d find on old-world estates. Take the designs made by Torrey Pines Landscape Company, a local San Diego company whose work has been featured in a number of periodicals.

Torrey Pines repertoire has included everything from French chateau style garden walks to modernist outdoor kitchen remodels and everything in between. Each of their designs is specifically modeled on the owner’s personality and desired aesthetic. The company spends weeks going through the plans line by line to ensure it’s up to its customer’s specifications and lines up with their vision.

The company’s work isn’t the only thing that’s top-notch – their customers consistently crow about the incredible level of service they provide. Take a look:

We had Torrey Pines Landscape completely renovate our “tired” little backyard into an “outdoor paradise” for us, with outdoor built-in grill area, fire pit, new sprinkler system complete with French drains, outdoor lighting, bushes, plants, etc.  A few years later we had them put in a succulent garden in the front area of our home. Recently, we were working on our own backyard project and hit/broke a sprinkler line and called TPL for help with it.

Regarding the backyard project: We had a specific deadline as we were planning to use it for a wedding reception. Harry and his landscape professionals assisted GREATLY with plant selection and design. TPL went above and beyond by completing this major project on time, and were friendly, professional, and respectful at all times. Regarding the succulent garden: It turned out beautiful and we have been very happy with it. Regarding the sprinkle line repair: We called TPL for a reference or to see if they would be able to schedule a repair. They sent Ian out within 3 days, who repaired it within an hour and they did not charge us for the repair. WOW. We were not expecting that, but this is the kind of company TPL is. They truly care about their customers. We would highly recommend them to anyone wanting a quality landscape project managed by a very professional crew.

Mike M., Yelp Review
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If you’re looking to model your yard space like the aristocrats of old, look no farther than Torrey Pines Landscape Company. You’ll get your property looking like the Chateau de Vendeuvre by the time they’ve packed up and moved on to the next project.

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