We like to review innovative processes that allow businesses to best serve their customers by delivering results that stand out. We were particularly interested in the home improvement industry where projects can be time and labor intensive. We decided to review Inspired Remodels to learn more about their process of design-and-build home improvement.

The company is known for completing projects in a timely fashion. Their customers seem to enjoy the process, based on their reviews.

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Remodelling any home requires time, effort, and patience. The job of a contractor is to understand and execute the vision of their client. As such, communication between contractor and client is core to the success of the project. Clear communication makes all the difference in order to avoid headaches, misunderstandings, and costly mistakes.

While all contractors have a plan and blueprint, Inspired Remodels goes above and beyond the standard model of project management. To avoid the pitfalls of traditional project planning, which may not always contain accurate time estimates, Inspired Remodels books projects 6-8 months out. The practice of providing such detailed estimates are not typical in their industry, which is why it is their competitive advantage. It allows their team to streamline the process and gives their customers the satisfaction of knowing what to expect and then seeing their homes remodelled on time.

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This alleviates the hidden costs of remodelling, such as extra time and surprise changes. Not having to scramble for unexpected and time-consuming changes also allows their team to focus their energy on detail and craftsmanship.

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Wouldn’t it be great to have a brand new space without the horror stories you typically hear? Creating a beautiful home should be a beautiful experience, not an ugly one. Inspired Remodels creates detailed plans so that their clients are transparently aware of everything at all stages of the project. This gives their clients the ability to plan their busy families lives around the project, leaving everyone happy without the nightmarish uncertainties of time management!

Inspired Remodels has done all types of projects, including this beautiful Orange County kitchen remodel job. If you are thinking about remodelling your home, think about how great it would be to get stress-free estimates before your project even begins! Home improvement should never get in the way of life. Home remodelling horror stories end up with home owners dealing with a lot of exhaustion and heartache over how the project didn’t end up looking or happening in a certain way.

Inspired Remodels has the expertise and talent to bring your dream into reality. Their portfolio boast home improvement projects of all types. Their process seems to be something that all contractors should adopt in order to better plan and estimate their projects. You can take a look at their previous work on their website or give them a call for a consultation about your next idea.

Inspired Remodels
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