Technology systems investigative reporter, Eric Castro was a man on a mission trying to figure out the best solution to a termite problem’s occurring in the OC.

Upon Arrival in small town, Costa Mesa, Eric came across worried homeowner, Ryan Cloutier.

Small, blind, yet efficient at what they do. Termites are little critters that are extremely hard to spot, yet cause tons much damage leading to millions of dollars in household repairs every year.

“Good evening sir, we sure got a problem on our hands” said Eric, waiting for a response. After a minutes pause, engulfed with anger, Ryan replied, “Get out of here man, don’t you see what’s going on, go bother someone else!”

Looking for answers, Ryan continued frantically, “This termite problem is getting way out of hand, people are starting to leave their homes.”

Eric, with assurance in his voice replied, “Don’t sweat it, I’ve been doing research on just this topic and there’s word about this exterminator who has helped people all over the OC with their termite problems.”

“There are many termite people to call and quotes to compare, but do we really know who is the best at what they do?” replied Ryan stuck in between calling a termite expert or fixing the problem himself.

“Let me tell you about this company,” Eric continued, “They offer a yearly service in which they will come out once a year to check your home for any possible termite problems. If they find any, then they will come and take care of it. It really is a fantastic benefit for the homeowner as you often don’t call the exterminator until something has gone wrong. This way it helps you stay ahead of the game when it comes to termites. O, and they offer a free home termite inspection for clients looking to resolve their termite problems. This service benefits homeowners as they are guaranteed a free inspection, it’s a win-win!” said Eric, happy he was able to help.

Ryan was relieved, he loved the thought of a yearly check-up after everything he is currently going though. “Anything to avoid this again,” he thought.

Ryan gave the exterminator a call and within minutes they say a truck coming up the street.

“Hey, look at that, It’s Natural Science Exterminating!” Eric said with joy in his eyes “Man, those guys are quick.”

In big bold print letters right smack in the middle of the Truck, it said, “Natural Science Exterminating, The Best Termite Inspection in Orange County.”

“What can I do you for gentlemen? I got your call and was just up the street and wanted to come as quickly as I could.”

“You’ve came just in the knick of time, my friend here is worried about this infestation and it seems like you’re the right man for the job,” Eric replied.

“Good evening sir, as you can see my stairs are halfway gone, my drywall is falling apart, and my kitchen table is on one leg” said Ryan relieved he was getting the help he needed so quickly.

“Let’s take a look, no problem is too big or too small for us at Natural Science, we can help you every step of the way” said the Termite expert.

“I very much appreciate your unexpected visit” replied Ryan in relief.

After a thorough examination of the house, the termite expert came out with a confident look on his face. “Well, you do have quite the termite problem, but it is nothing we haven’t seen before. I’ll have my crew here in the morning to get all the necessary equipment started for this operation, if you have any further questions, here is my card:”

Natural Science Exterminating

11642 Knott Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92841

(800) 246-7378