Okay. So.

You’re building a house from scratch. Not remodeling, not redecorating, and not a fixer upper. We’re talking empty lot, maybe even with unlevel ground, trees to get uprooted…the whole deal. You’d think that finding the people to provide this service would be easy, but looking for the perfect custom home builder in NewPort Beach can be harder than you would imagine.

When you Google for them, businesses do come up, and they seem promising at first. But as you begin to read the fine print, there are certain services cut out from the overall project promise.

You’re looking for the whole package: Bulldozing. Leveling. Landscaping. Building. Window Installation. Carpentry. You didn’t think you had to spell the whole thing out from A to Z, but for some of these companies you did and no one wants to be “that guy”. You just want a one-stop shop that knows what they are doing and does a good job.

Luckily, there are companies that include all of those services without any “if”s, “and”s, or “but”s. Companies that know the struggle of making a bunch of small companies all agree on one singular plan. That’s why they have created relationships with these small companies in advance so that they do all of the hard communication work behind the scenes, not you.

No one can argue that building a custom home is an investment. You understand the fees involved, the people that have to be paid…but what are the other inexplicable fees for? Well, in terms of these companies, you pay for total peace of mind.

You only have a select few individuals coming up to you with questions about your vision from the home — not a million people asking you questions you don’t know the answer to. Similar to being the director of the movie, you describe your vision to the designers. They know the sections of the house you’ve envisioned down to the absolute detail, and they know the sections that you need some creative input on.

This makes the whole process so much more efficient. It is simple good structure and delegation.

With these companies, you are not an uninvolved bystander having little to no say in what actually gets constructed. But you are also not the person that everyone goes to with so many questions that you are completely overwhelmed. You are the perfect middle ground; all the creativity without the burden of all of the logistics.

You want a mansion shaped like an hourglass, but just a little tilted like the tower of Piza? You got it. You actually want your house to be a network of underground tunnels complete with a Roman fountain? You’ve got it. These companies have worked on extremely unique projects, sometimes almost exclusively. No matter how creative, traditional, or new-agey you’d like your new home to be, you can rest peacefully knowing the quality of your home will be exemplary.

So essentially, you don’t have to bother with a bunch of different smaller companies to get the house of your dreams. Powerhouses like Sail House can get the idea you want, the price range you want, and the timeline you want. All you have to do is make the call, and your vision will already be in motion.

And don’t just take our word for it, look at their reviews:

“We have completed several projects with Sailhouse. They are extremely detail oriented in every aspect. From initial Product Selection, Scheduling, to Completion [and that is just with flooring]. Pat & Ben and the entire Sailhouse team know how to build and run multiple projects simultaneously- without cutting corners! We truly enjoy working side by side with such professionals! They make OUR job easier! Thanks for always having Warren Christopher part of your spectacular builds!”

“I am an interior designer with over 30 years of residential experience, working with Sailhouse is a pleasure, his team is held to high standards and they deliver. What impresses most me is the commitment to excellence from beginning of the planning process through construction and even after taking occupancy. Pat is absolutely dedicated to 100 percent client satisfaction. Sailhouse provides input on a consulting basis prior to construction commencing which is very beneficial for the planning phase of projects. Throughout the process Pat and the Sailhouse team provides valuable input into the project design, saving thousands of dollars on paper by advising from a builder’s point of view, and in the process, helping to create an even better and more functional home.”

Sailhouse Custom Homes

170 Newport Center Dr Suite 220, Newport Beach, CA 92660

(949) 281-6044