Known as man’s best friend, the pet dog offers its human owner a special and irreplaceable bond. Every dog owner knows that spending time with their loyal canine is always highly satisfying. Every day, countless Americans adopt or contemplate adopting a dog. We looked at some interesting trends over the years in the American dog industry. 

Pet owners spend more money on purchasing quality food

One of the upward trends in the U.S. market for dog owners is purchasing a higher quality of food. In the past, owners would feed their dogs whatever they could afford to buy at the end of their shopping trip. Now, dogs are considered family members, and therefore food for them is one of the first things that people remember to buy during their weekly grocery trips. As many have realized the long-term benefits of feeding a dog well, this has led to more high-end foods being purchased and sold.

Dogs live in improved and specialized spaces

Another big trend comes from the fact that many dogs at home are now being given their own living space. While many dogs used to be content with a space in the corner, most are now living in their own rooms or are given a large portion of a room to themselves. This provides freedom and comfort, helping the pet to feel more integrated with the family than ever before.

Dogs play with new and improved toys

Decades ago, dogs would be lucky if they got a squeaky toy or bone to play with. Now, all types of toys exist. Some are even designed to help your dog become more effective at solving problems or to train your dog at adopting a specific kind of lifestyle. When looking at significant trends in the dog market, one of the fastest-growing product categories is dog toys.

Pet owners invest more in healthcare and grooming

Nowadays, it is not unusual for a dog to have weekly grooming sessions and regular veterinarian appointments. Dog owners know that focusing and caring for their appearance and health plays a major role in improving the life of a dog. Due to advancements in pet healthcare technology, heart health examination is a specialized job for a certain type of expert, known as a veterinary cardiology consultant. Veterinarian assessments improve the dog’s well-being while getting rid of the risk of problems of infectious diseases and pests, making life cleaner and more comfortable for both the owner and pet.

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Dogs receive later life care

Since we may not have had the best technology in the past, it was difficult to understand the needs and care of aging dogs. Today, trends show us that people go to extra lengths to ensure that their dogs have the best experiences later in life. Once they get to an older age, support for physical movement is provided by the owners to improve the dog’s general quality of life.

When it comes to the trends listed above, which areas do you foresee the most growth and change in the future of the industry?