Carolyn Hernandez is a 39-year-old English professor who spends every afternoon in her home library. She says that “reading an hour ever day keeps my wits sharp, giving me a break from lecturing and grading essays all day.” However, on one such afternoon, Carolyn pulled “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare off the shelf, only to gasp in horror.

The book had been half eaten. It was a ghastly sight for Carolyn.

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“It was the most shocking scene. I was horrified that my beloved book had been destroyed, and I was equally perplexed at what on earth had happened!” Carolyn noticed that more than ten of her other books had also been damaged, which she noted was strange since she does not own any pets.

Carolyn’s plight bears a resemblance to another case of precious paper being mysteriously eaten. In China, an elderly farmer dug up his buried savings, only to find that the cash had been eaten by insects.

As it turns out, both Carolyn and the farmer were victims of the terror of termites. Termites are detritivores who eat dead plants and trees for the nutrients in cellulose. Unfortunately, this is exactly the material which books and money are made from.

Eating cash isn’t the only way that these devouring critters eat through your wallet – they cause major damage for homeowners, resulting in expensive repair costs.

“When I found out what the termites were really after, I was even more concerned. They weren’t just looking to eat paper – they were looking to eat anything and everything made of wood!”

Carolyn did her research and immediately booked a termite extermination appointment for her home in Orange County. “I figured that if they had managed to get into my library, that they were probably inside of the walls and floors. I wasn’t going to let them destroy any more of my property.”

We arrived at the scene just as the exterminators were about to begin the process. Carolyn said that she had never known about the dangers of termites until she experienced them firsthand. “It’s upsetting that this happened, but I’m grateful that the exterminators were able to get rid of the termites. I’ve learned from this experience and will be having them come over for regular inspections. I’m not willing to put my property at risk of further damage and then paying for it later on.”

Carolyn hired Natural Science Exterminating, a termite exterminator who uses eco-friendly methods, based in Garden Grove. Based on observing their work process, we can attest to their professionalism and efficiency in treating termite infestations. The company is known for using environmentally safe methods and compounds for treatment. As told through Carolyn’s account of the damage, you never know when and how termites will destroy your property. We highly recommend booking inspections as a preventative measure that could save you from a heavy financial burden in the long-run. Don’t wait for them to eat your money, literally or figuratively. In addition, if you have any concern that you may have been affected by termites, call an exterminator as soon as possible.