With wildly destructive fires increasing in both number and intensity, reservoirs at their lowest recorded levels since their construction and draughts lasting for almost half a decade, it is becoming increasingly apparent that California’s climate is shifting from a relatively temperate state to something closer to its desert-filled neighbors. With these shifts comes the need for businesses and individual citizens to alter their practices to conserve and protect the state’s limited water sources.

A major part of this conservatory effort must necessarily be in the way we approach landscaping. California and its development has been the progenitor to the suburbanization movement of the United States, where each house has a meticulously maintained lawn and general landscaping that does not often correspond with the natural flora of the area.

As the state gets drier, so we must shift our landscaping to more hardy and draught-resistant plants that are native to the area. Trees, shrubs, succulents, and grasses that are adapted to the boom and bust cycle of precipitation in the southland and utilize less water than their more temperate brethren will not only save the property owners money through lower utility bills, they will help conserve what little water we have for more essential economic activity.

Landscaping doesn’t end with just the flora used in the display, however – hardscape water features are also a common addition to many suburban and urban properties. These pieces are popular for their calming effect on the psyche but can be major sources of water wastage if the technology is not designed with conservation in mind.

Luckily, many companies are beginning to shift with the environment to provide customers with water features that have more robust conservatory technologies. Taking a note from their desert-based brethren in places like Las Vegas and Phoenix, these new systems are far more efficient at recycling their water over time, requiring far fewer reservoir fill-ups per year.

Landscaping companies have similarly begun adapting to a more arid California, with incentives programs and awards centered around how water efficient they can make their projects. The California Landscape Contractors Association, for instance, based their 2019 Beautification Awards on both aesthetic and conservatory considerations.

One of the companies featured in the awards, Torrey Pines Landscape Company, has long been turning heads for the beauty and scope of their projects. As one of California’s most innovative landscaping companies, their shift towards a more conservatory approach to the business signals that a more general trend towards that same end is occurring industry wide.

As environmental forces begin to force our hand and we’re no longer given the choice about how we’d like to sculpt our landscaping, we recommend that you get ahead of the game and begin making plans on how you’d like to transform your yard and determining which landscaping company you’d like to work with to make it happen. If you live in the Del Mar, Encinitas, or the general San Diego area, we heartily recommend you go with Torrey Pines Landscaping – they’re not only some of the most talented landscapers in the business, they also have an intuitive grasp of what is needed to improve the water efficiency of your property.

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