This past week marked a sad passing for my family, as my grandma slipped away from us after an eventful and fulfilling 100 years of life. She had lived for the past 30 years in a condo she had purchased with my grandfather (the same year I was born!) which had fallen into a mild state of disrepair as we had focused on giving her the care she needed as her health degraded.

Knowing the end was near, we had already began making plans for my aunt, who had lived with her for the past 7 years after retirement, would stand to inherit it once she was gone. With the memories of her time there primarily centered around slow decay, it was no wonder she wanted to sell the condo as soon as possible once my grandma had departed.

Upon inspecting the apartment, I immediately began noticing some disturbing signs of a possible termite infestation: some small holes in the drywall, strange damage to the cabinetry, and little piles of sawdust interspersed along the walls. Inquiring to the community manager, our fears were all but confirmed when we learned that termites had been found in a number of different units in the community in recent months.

Plans had already been made with the real estate agent to start the process of putting the condo on the market, so we had a limited time window to take care of the issue and get repairs done. We began searching for local extermination companies, and my eyes just happened to fall on a local company that had some excellent reviews and offered some tertiary carpentry services.

Grand Oaks Termite Control has given us exemplary customer service thus far, and everything that we read about in their hundreds of testimonials seems to be completely accurate. Here’s a sample of the reviews that helped us cement our decision to use them:

I highly recommended Grand Oaks Termite Control.  I had an unusual situation where there were many areas of my wood paneling and roof that were affected by termites and wood rot. I have a decorative tree growing through the front part of my home which makes it very difficult to treat without damaging the tree. When Jason came for the preliminary inspection, he knew exactly how to effectively treat my home without harming my favorite tree. His estimate was very reasonable and his communication was top notch. He kept me appraised of all the curve balls and never stuck me with any unexpected cost. I was very impressed with the workmanship of his teammate Gary who took care of all the woodwork, a true craftsman.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Grand Oaks without any hesitation. (John B., Yelp)

Read Sam B.‘s review of Grand Oaks Termite Control on Yelp

Grand Oaks Termite is an excellent and well run company.  We compared 3 companies and found Grand Oaks was the most affordable, and they gave us the help and information we needed to be confident about getting the work done.  The company quoted us the best price also for repair work on wood damage in the attic and under the Eve’s. 

They were punctual, did everything they said they would do, and worked in a very professional way.  We were ready to have our house painted, and Justin insisted that if the painting prep work showed any evidence of termites or possible termites, we should call him immediately.  As it turns out our painter did identify two almost hidden spots, and Justin came out the next day and treated the areas.

I have already recommended Grand Oaks Termites and look forward to recommending them in the future. (Jonathan W., Yelp Review)

The guys at Grand Oaks really seem to know what they’re doing, and the carpentry services they offer will really help us get back on track for putting the condo on the market. My aunt is very eager to get the next chapter of her life started, so their prompt service is perfect for our situation.

If you’re in the Grand Oaks area and are noticing that something unwelcome may be crawling within your walls, give the guys at Grand Oaks Termite Control a call:

Grand Oaks Termite Control


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