Looking at the size and power of the enormous machines used at construction sites, it’s easy to think that the great mechanical beasts are nearly indestructible. Outside of some major disaster, what could possibly damage such enormous, sturdy pieces of heavy equipment?

While heavy machinery is built to be tough to withstand the rigors of a construction site, each machine is made up of a complex network of electric components and hydraulics that allow the machine to work as needed. Though these components are shielded, they represent the weakest points on the machine that are far less robust than the chassis.

A poorly timed action can easily cause heavy machinery to lose balance and fall over, or a well-placed piece of debris falling at just the right spot can cause damage to individual components, causing the entire machine to be rendered unusable. The worst part is, many of these individual components can cost thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars to repair or replace.

The biggest danger, though, is the damage the machine can cause by itself. Construction is a dangerous occupation, and the operation of heavy machinery is one of the leading causes of workplace accidents and deaths. Operating these pieces of equipment requires near constant vigilance, and when combined with the fallibility of man, deadly incidents are a matter of when not if.

These workplace accidents can cost a contractor even more than damage to his machinery. After all, a broken hydraulics line can be replaced, an arm, foot, or brain can’t. That’s why getting each machine properly insured for everything from damage incurred during transit to damage caused during operations is absolutely essential when your next job requires the use of heavy construction equipment.

Getting this insurance isn’t always an easy process. Working with insurance companies is a notoriously difficult and aggravating experience, and finding the right broker can mean the difference between life and death for your company. If they don’t provide you with the right coverage, lawyers and insurance agents will find the cracks and exploit them ruthlessly.

So, how does one find the right broker? You need to look for a firm with experience, communicativeness, and a reputation for getting their clients everything they need at some of the best prices on the market. In San Diego, that means working with S.W.A.N. Insurance.

S.W.A.N. is able to outfit each machine with a policy for every step of the job – transport, damage to the vehicle, and damages to person and property caused by the vehicle while being operated. The firm is able to cover almost any kind of construction equipment, so whether you need inland marine insurance to cover the transport of your bobcat or a full excavator insurance policy, S.W.A.N. Insurance is able to provide a policy that protects your business from any mistakes or accidents.

Machines break down, and people make mistakes. Neither of these should threaten your business and livelihood. To protect yourself and the employees who depend on you, make a call to S.W.A.N. Insurance today.

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