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The problem we’re focusing on today is the ever-controversial Orange County Lawn. Environmentally costly and physically taxing, the homeowner’s greenery is both an object of great pride and of great annoyance as it slowly goes yellow and patchy during the summer months and then starts growing wildly and sprouting weeds during the wetter winter months.

There must be a better way to live other than kneeling outside with your spray bottle and little shovel in your overalls, cursing each day as you see a new weed sprouting or a new patch of grass starting to turn. Well, that’s where technology comes in – we can get rid of the stress and the cost without needing to sacrifice the lush green look we all love.

The answer is artificial turf – no, not that gross stuff on your kid’s football field. We’re talking high grade, high-tech stuff that has been developed over the past 10 years that can simulate any number of real types of grasses down to their individual colors and textures. Your artificial turf can look just as appealing and lively as any of your neighbors, with none of the work and a fraction of the cost.

The secret to the fake stuff looking just as good as the real thing is getting the right guys to come and do it for you, and for those of us who are in Orange County, you want NoMow artificial turf installation to make sure it’s done perfectly the first time.

If you need proof beyond our recommendation, check their near perfect 5 star rating on Yelp, where Chuck here writes:

“I would give this company a 10 if I could. I went to Home Advisor and dealt with a few type of” Typical Car” type sales person. I then found Sierra and she was definitely not the pushy type for the sale. She took her time, pictures and measurements. I accepted the bid and we set the installation date. Her crew, Eric & the guys came out and worked their butts off for two days straight. I kept them happy with pizza, submarine sandwiches and an ice chest with water and sodas. They were very courteous and thankful for the offerings. They did not even want to dirty the house and use my bathroom even though I offered it to them. They went to the gas station across the street.
The job came out beautiful and if I had known how much labor I would have saved in the back yard working on it every Saturday, I would have done this years ago.
Sierra went above and beyond her duties and helped us to save a few of the plants and we put them in pots starting  a new life in a smaller way for my previous plants.
You won’t and can’t go wrong on if you try No Mow Turf in a day where a majority of contractors are out for the big bucks and profit.”

If you’re interested in the spotlighted company or are looking to get an estimate to install some turf in Orange County, please check them out at:

NoMow Turf

(855) 968-8873

26774 Vista Terrace Lake Forest, CA 92630