Last week I was searching for a birthday gift for my son when I noticed something very odd. I went to about 5 different stores looking for a popular electronic device and every single one was completely out of stock.

Not only were they out of stock, but they had been out of stock for weeks, according to the workers at those stores. This was an unfamiliar situation for me, so I began doing a little bit of digging to get to the bottom of it.

Headlines about supply chain issues were a dime a dozen in late 2021, with daily stories about the dozens of massive container ships parked off the California coast waiting to offload in an overcrowded port. Then, suddenly, the media abruptly stopped covering the crisis and moved on to the next item of interest.

I had been marginally interested in the situation, but as a guy in a service-based industry, the situation hadn’t really affected me, so when the headlines dried up I figured everything had worked itself out. How wrong I was!

Whatever the cause of the sudden shift in attention, the supply chain is still under an extraordinary level of stress. If you want new furniture, for example, you’re likely going to have to wait at least 6 months before it arrives on location.

This novel conundrum has tested the ability of many companies to reorient their inventory systems to accommodate much longer shipping times, and few have come out unscathed. One such company is Creative Office Design, which has lived up to its reputation as the best office furniture supplier in Los Angeles by quickly and efficiently adapting to the new state of affairs.

The Creative team have managed to continuously supply clients with top-of-the-line office furniture and equipment with record turnaround times thanks to the leadership’s precience in identifying future supply bottlenecks and preparing accordingly. Not only are they providing expedited shipping for their customers, they still provide some of the best service in the industry, as their online reviews can testify to:

Brian was great to work with.  We provided a budget and he only showed us options within design and budget requirements.  Install was quick, easy and installers were on time.  We have gone back to Creative office design three times.

– Josh S., Yelp Review

Brian and his Creative Office Design team provided top-notch service from the planning stages for our new offices to delivery and set-up.  We will definitely go back to Creative Office Design as we grow and expand.

– Brian N., Yelp Review

Brian helped our joint venture office coordinate and execute and multi phased move with new furniture into a newly built office suite.  Brian helped us get what we needed on time and made many changes for us once our office build was complete.  He was very easy to work with and we would use his services again

– Maureen Crawford, Google Review

Despite the lack of coverage, the supply chain shows no signs of healing any time soon. If you are interested in expanding your office’s capacity to house employees, get in contact with Creative Office Design as soon as possible so they can provide you with the materials you need in a reasonable timeframe.

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