There’s no question about it, divorce is a highly destructive thing. Add kids into the mix and it can be like throwing a bomb into the basement of your life. Everything that you’ve worked to build, all the time, effort, and heartache that you’ve put into building your family unit, all undone by the serving of divorce papers. It can leave you looking at the barren, war-torn fields that were once carefully cultivated gardens and hedges and make you wonder if anything could grow there again.

Perhaps not all guys in the tech world can look at such a disastrous situation so poetically, but the fact remains: once we’ve been hit with those papers, our old world is gone. In its ashes, what can we even imagine rebuilding to take its place?

Truth is, once that destruction takes hold, it will take cold, precise hands to get it back up to being livable once again. That’s where a good lawyer can come into play – instead of letting your life’s playing field look like the dark side of the moon, let the defensive shield of the law save what it can, allowing a seed of life to take purchase and bloom once again.

Once the old family unit has broken down, you want that deft lawyer’s mind to allow for the creation of a new unit, one that can last and won’t be just the shattered remnants of the old, but can once again thrive. For families, that means searching for and hiring a competent and experienced family and custody lawyer.

A painful separation without appropriate representation can leave you out of your children’s lives until they are themselves adults, or end in you not only losing your family, but your living standards and the empire you’ve worked your entire life to build. Divorce litigation isn’t something you can ever leave to chance; the consequences are just far too great.

For those readers operating in the Orange County area, we recommend Shuff Law Firm, a Santa Ana-based law firm that has been operating for the better part of 40 years. 40 years worth of experience is nothing to sneeze at, and Joseph has seen and litigated an unimaginable variety of cases pertaining to separation, divorce, and custody.

If you navigate over to their Yelp page, the testimonials tell you everything you need to know:

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Results given that two previous attorneys couldn’t, highly communicative, straight-forward, and absolutely relentless: everything that makes for a great custody lawyer.

If you’re in danger of losing everything to a litigious or vengeful ex-partner, you need strong representation that will allow you to keep some dignity in a highly destructive family law environment, and that’s exactly what the Shuffs can do for you. Don’t allow for your family unit to be utterly destroyed by a pitiless family law system; protect what’s rightfully yours, and get back to living so your new family unit can once again rise and be strong.

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