I have a friend, Bob, whose life has been something of a tragedy. He’s been laid off, dumped, divorced, and heartbroken more times than everyone else I know put together. Every time, he’s managed to pick himself back up, dust off the hurt, and carry on while making the best of things. He somehow made something of himself despite this, and was able to get a HVAC company he created off the ground and start making real money for himself.

Then tragedy reared its ugly head once again, as if fate were angry at his persistence. While driving out from a job in San Diego, a piece of machinery fell from a wobbly scaffolding, severely injuring his hand and putting him up in the hospital for weeks. As the bills mounted and with his injury preventing him from working, he quickly became desperate to find a solution.

He was on the phone with the contractor’s insurance company from morning until night, getting stonewalled and passed around the office for weeks until he hung up the phone in disgust. Staring at his hand, he told me he was beginning to think that this time, it really was more than he could take.

At this point, I knew I needed to step in. I had a little prior knowledge about how hesitant insurers were to pay out claims, but this was too much. I started looking for outside help for my despondent friend, and I realized that the only thing that could cut right through this bureaucratic mess was a sharp legal team. So began my search for a San Deigo-based accident attorney.

The one I found to be a perfect fit for Bob’s case was Villasenor Law Offices, based out of the Carmel Mountains in San Diego. Their legal team lead and nameholder, Chris Villasenor, stuck out immediately. With 25 years of experience in the world of insurance and claim payouts, he had the exact credentials I was looking for in a recommendation for Bob.

A little further digging lead me to the firm’s Yelp page, which included all the additional, personal points I was thinking Bob would appreciate. Take a look at Charles’s review:

Read Charles A.‘s review of Villasenor Law Offices on Yelp

No BS, no-nonsense, exactly was what Bob needed after being given the runaround by the insurance companies. He needed someone to get in the briar patch of red tape with a fiery sword of justice so he could get back to living.

With this information in hand, I went back to Bob to present my case and hopefully raise his spirits. While he was hesitant at first, thinking that it was a little too soon to be talking about a lawyer, with a little convincing on my part, he gave the office a call. The difference in his eyes between the beginning and end was something to behold. With new strength in his voice, he thanked me. The renewed vigor in his handshake gave me all the satisfaction I needed.

If you’re interested in finding a personal injury lawyer in SD, please give the Villasenor Law Offices a call:

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